May we meet you?

My name is Brittany, I am from Florida. I got pregnant when I was 19 and my daughter’s dad passed away when I was 4 months pregnant. It was really hard on me, he died in December last year after suffering from stroke and seizure. He was only 33. I work full time and I’m a full time single mom. I do everything on my own but I’m making it work sometimes I get anxiety and I had postpartum depression for a while but I’m making it. I do blog from time to time and I have my own business and soon I will be retiring early.

What kind of business are you into?

I have a small IT business, I’m affiliated with my dad’s which is on the naval base where he used to be a chief at and it’s just fixing software and adding and applying new advanced data and making programs that can be used for whatever they may need it for and helping hack and other top secret things lol.

What was your reaction when you found out you were pregnant?

I was really excited and my daughter’s dad was as well, my pregnancy was planned we had been trying for a while and it finally happened. My mom wasn’t upset because me and my daughter’s dad had our own house, we were living together before I fell pregnant but my dad was pretty mad really because the age difference.

Don’t you think at 19, you were too young to start trying for a baby?

Not at all because my life has been put together even before I was 19. My dad is retired from the navy so I automatically had everything in my life squared away and set for life and at that point I asked myself what more do I need or want to have to do and that’s just one of the things that happen when you’re with an older man and he’s ready to really settle down

How are you coping with being a single mom?

It would’ve been nice had her dad still been here, we were planning on getting married and traveling. But I like it because it makes me realize you don’t need a man to do things. What if there were no one to help you? You’d still have to do everything alone and people won’t always be around to help. I’m so proud of myself and I’m doing great things people my age wouldn’t even think of doing yet and I never thought I could do all this but I did it.

How is your baby?

She’s five months old

Tell us about your birth experience

I had been having contractions for a few days I went to the doctor for them to say they are Braxton Hicks and I go back a few days after for them to tell me I was only 2cm dilated and of course they sent me home and all night I’m in pain crying and screaming and every time I got up to use the bathroom nothing would come out and I would go back to sleep and I wake up at 12 in the morning and I see blood everywhere so I call my mom who lives 10 hours away I was freaking out and I get ready to go to the emergency room my dad had to take me which wasn’t fun when we get there he goes to get help and my water then breaks in the car we unfortunately had to go to the same hospital my daughter’s dad had passed away at. my water continued breaking as I had to fill out all this paperwork I was in labor for 30-40 minutes I had a natural birth with no epidural or any medications my daughter was 6 pounds and 7 ounces she came May 21st which was a week early from the actual due date

Do you plan to have more kids?

I don’t want any more because of losing my daughter’s dad especially being pregnant that situation has really affected me but who knows what the future holds

What advice would you give to teenage mom like you who are struggling to come to terms with motherhood?

I would tell them you have to try hard and tell yourself everything you do isn’t for you but for your child your child is the one who will love you and who will need you more than anyone so you have to try your best to make a good lifestyle for your child it’s not easy but it feels nice to feel like you’ve accomplished something especially when it comes to doing it for your child.


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