The height difference between this couple is amazing and truly beautiful.

25-year-old Deon is a computer science graduate, a boxer and personal trainer. She met her husband, Brian, a professional basketball player through a mutual friend on Snapchat and they’ve been together for two and the half years. The couple who resides in the DMV (Maryland) welcomed their son, JaKobe, 3 months ago after 14 hours of labour.

Here are photos from their maternity shoot…

Photos from their baby shower

Baby JaKobe:-)

The family poses for Halloween

Photo credit: Instagram/demasupreme



  1. The major height difference is something but nothing compared to how beautiful this couple /family is. She looks simply Gorgeous!!! During and after birth. Moms rock!!!

  2. Yeeesssss!! Beautiful!! I love ALL the captures!! Deon rocking just like her mother!!

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