I’ve been in Lagos for only a few weeks but I’ve noticed that most Lagos bus conductors are anything but happy! They’re constantly angry. They like to shout at everything and anyone. And the most annoying part is that most of them barely speak English! So all you hear is some bus conductor shouting in a language that you can’t understand and for reasons you don’t even know….I mean, if someone is going to be making noise in your ears, he should at least be saying something you can understand.

So I am currently in a bus going to CMS and this bus conductor has been shouting since I got in. I don’t know why he is shouting because he is speaking the Yoruba language. All I can pick from what he’s saying is ‘I no carry three for sit o, na five. No block sit for me. I beg you.’

With the way he has been shouting, I wonder if he’s being forced to do the job. The guy is so angry he almost got into a fight with a passenger because the passenger entered without “change.” Like who does that? Just the other day, the conductor of a bus I boarded angrily threw down the bag of an elderly woman because she was slow to alighted from the bus. The woman grabbed him on his shirt and refused to let go. It took several appeal from the other passengers before the woman let go amidst pouring of insults.

I don’t know the bud that bit these guys before they leave their homes every morning or the kind of mindset that I they do their jobs with…maybe it’s the city, maybe it’s the people living in it, but instead of passing your frustrations at passengers who board your bus, why not sit at home or do something else?

Who’s in Lagos and can tell us why most Lagos bus conductors are so angry?


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