From the very moment Linda Ikeji announced that she was pregnant and expecting her first child, controversial journalist, Kemi Olunloyo insisted she was lying and claimed she has no womb and incapable of getting pregnant…and even when Linda went ahead to flaunt her baby bump online, Kemi who’s an ace enemy of the billionaire blogger had claimed that it was all lies and fake.

Well, Linda have since welcomed a baby boy in the US and even bought an expensive car as push gift, but Kemi is still insisting Linda lied about the whole pregnancy thing, claims she rocked a moon bump all though and bought  a baby out of desperation.

Kemi took to Instagram sharing a photo wearing the fake silicone baby bump, saying the costume can deceive gullible friends to think a person is pregnant just as blogger Linda Ikeji allegedly did.

She wrote: “Good Morning Africa!🇳🇬 “#HappyHalloween Don’t believe all the “evil crap” you hear about it. It’s all for fun and even rakes in $9B in 🇺🇸 alone. I love dressing in costumes! This year I’m dressed as “pregnant” Linda Ikeji wearing 3 moonbump sizes deceiving her gullible #SBNI fans. You too can wear this costume for only £290. Fool your gullible friends, in-laws calling u barren with a fake silicone baby bump. I’m wearing 5-6mos, 7-8mos & 8-9 mos in the pics. Finally in the video this morning, my 7-8 mos pregnancy moonbump is about to fall off😁😁 They are actually lightweight but has to be fastened well. I drew some spots with thick brown eye pencil and the linea nigra stomach line. I’m 54yo and my last kid will be 18yo. I HATE that line! Today I can draw it with a moonbump. We Nigerians🇳🇬 are gullible people😁#HappyHalloween👻🎃 Thanks”

What do you think mamas?


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