I want to start by hailing all ’em Lagosians…omo una dey try! Mehn, Lagos life no be beans o, e hard, but finding a good apartment to live in is even harder!

It’s almost two weeks since I started hunting for a house in Lagos and there is not a thing that I have not seen. From meeting the Landlord that does not want any other tribe except Yoruba, to the one that thinks people from my state (Delta state) are troublesome, to the one that does not want a single girl because they ‘can not pay their rate’, to the one that wants two years rent. In fact, the experience has been nothing but tiring, exhausting and financially draining:-(.

Before coming to Lagos, I envisioned the kind of house that I want to rent. I envisioned a spacious living room and bed room with an inbuilt wardrobe, a very large bathroom and toilet, a kitchen that is as big as a room with beautiful cabinets, a serene environment, a clear compound, good water supply and good electricity. But after almost two weeks of jumping from one bus to another, house hunting, I’ve realised that I can never get that kind of a house except I decide to buy a land and build it.

A typical Lagos house (most that I have seen) has a room that is as tiny as a kitchen space, than a kitchen that can not contain two people. I don’t even know how to describe the toilet and bathroom…and the rent? That can get you a duplex in Benin, where I am coming from. No jokes! And not one of these houses I have seen have an inbuilt wardrobe or kitchen cabinet. In fact, one agent told me that if I so desire to have an inbuilt wardrobe and kitchen cabinet, I can get carpenter to make one for me after renting the house. Can you imagine?

So, I have removed inbuilt wardrobe and kitchen cabinet from my wish list, all I want now is a house that is not as tiny as my kitchen back home (my kitchen is actually bigger than some of the rooms I have seen), with clean running water and a clean compound (clean by Lagos standard not Benin standard o. Because that is obviously farfetched) and it must be something within my budget of course. Hopefully I get something this week! Wish me luck.


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