Right now I am busy googling stuffs like “where is the best part to live in Lagos?”, “where can I find the best schools for my kid in Lagos?”, “how can I secure an accommodation in Lagos?”, “what are the things to know before moving to Lagos?” and so on. This is because I will be moving to Lagos in a few. The ever busy city. The last time I stayed in the city was in 2014 when I went for my one-year industry training. I left the city in December 2014 and I’ve never returned…until now.

With my degree program done with, I have decided to move back to Lagos not because I like the city so much (in fact, I can barely stand the traffic there and the ever busy nature is something I will have to learn to adapt to) but because it’s time to build a career and take this blogging and social media business more seriously, and Lagos is about the best (if not the only) place to stay in Nigeria if you want to build my kind of career, successfully.

So right now, I am stuck between house hurting — finding a nice apartment that is within my budget, searching online for the many many things I know are better experienced than read, and coming to terms with the fact that I am leaving my comfort zone (family and friends) in search for a better life in a city I have anything but love for (I know I will come to love the city with time, but right now nahhhhhh)!!!

So, if you stay in Lagos, and would love to help me find my way around, trust me, I know next to nowhere in your city,  please feel free to reach out to your girl. I need a reliable agent for the house — I am considering staying in Ojodu Berber – Ikeja – Iyana-Ipaja axis, I need a new best friend and I need money o (very important lol) relocating  to a whole you city requires a lot of money, you have no idea.

I promise to keep you guys updated on life in Lagos as well as many other personal stuffs and personal adventures and experiences right here on this column! Stay tuned and if you have personal stories that you will love to share with us and other moms, please feel free to shot us a mail on [email protected]



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