Life never ceases to amaze its inhabitants. This is a shocking story of a widow, Janet Agbazu, 45, and her 16-year-old twin daughters who have found themselves in a not-to-be-told kinda story. That the 3 of them are pregnant and at the same time is not the crux of this matter, what is shocking is that one man is responsible for all 3 pregnancies.

What’s worse! The character who got all 3 women in the family way, one Pius Salihu was literally a member of the family- he was the widow’s live-in lover of 2 years and father figure to the 16-year-old twins.

Presently, the 3 women, forced by fate to play actors in this drama of the absurd, are covered with shame. As for the villain in the plot, he is at large.

Pius Salihu moved through the family like a hurricane and reduced the lives of the 3 women to ruins, leaving them with regrets and counter-accusations.

Janet Agbazu, the central figure in this incident, hails from Doma Local Government Area of Nasarawa State. She got married to her late husband, Sylvester Anangba who died in the 2013 Ombatse crisis that gulfed Nasarawa State, at the age of 19.

Anangba and Agbazu had the twins 2 years into their marriage and until his death, as much as the couple tried, they never had another child.

Following the death of Anangba, his family confiscated his properties– including a house & 3 cars as well as cash and other belongings.

Left in the lurch by her in-laws, the widow got a lifeline from the associates of her late husband who raised her some money so she could start doing business and therefore, was able to sustain the education of her 2 daughters in public schools.

In 2016, Janet met Pius Salihu, 42. Their relationship blossomed and 6 months after, Agbazu encouraged Salihu who was squatting with a friend, to move into her rented 2 bedroom apartment with her & the girls.

In the next 2 years, Salihu bonded with the twins and took on the role of their father. Meanwhile, once Agbazu was out of sight, Salihu would shed the toga of a father figure and transform into a lover.

In an interview with Saturday Sun, Agbazu recounted:

“I was not always around due to the nature of my business. I always leave him at home with them, thinking they were in safe hands. I never for once thought he could do a thing like that.”

Agbazu thought Salihu used charm on the twins, saying: “How he got them so cheaply beats my imagination. Both of them took oaths not to expose the secret affairs. He got them cheap through the use of Babalawo (herbalist) charm.”

She lamented further: “It is unthinkable and unbelievable. He was sleeping with me and my daughters at every opportunity. It was a bad thing. After he succeeded in impregnating me and the two of them, he ran away. I can’t find him.”

“I’m 45 years old. I lost my husband to the Ombatse crisis in 2013. I am yet to be fully remarried. I live on my own with my two daughters. My husband’s brothers kicked me out of their brother’s house as a widow. It was my late husband’s friends who assisted me with some cash to start a business where I can take care of my children and myself.

“In 2016, I went into a blind relationship with one Pius Salihu, an Igala man. I was blinded by love, deceived by his fine face. I did not bother asking him to take me to his place. Though three years younger than me, he appeared to be an honest and a humble man, I accommodated him and moved him out of his friend’s house to come and stay with me. I had not met a man sexually since the demise of my husband years back, that also contributed to him getting me so cheaply.

“My daughters were old enough to appreciate that I needed a man in my life. I also assumed they were responsible enough to see him as their father. I thought I could trust him, so I gave him all the liberty he deserved in my house. Unfortunately, I miscalculated. Unknown to me, while he was sleeping with me, at the same time, he was having affairs with my two daughters separately. These are small girls that were not exposed sexually. He enticed them with petty things and he got them easily. He was very close to them, so he got them cheaply by taking them out regularly. He also involved them deeply in the activities of the NGO he was running in the state. Sometimes, he would bring up a fake journey to Makurdi or Abuja. He would not travel with the two of them at the same time. Unknown to me, he was secretly enjoying my daughters right in my own house, and my daughters foolishly bought into his deceit.

Two weeks ago, the twins persistently complained of weakness of the body and malaria fever. They complained of stomach pains too. When I asked them when last they had their periods, I was shocked to hear from them that their menstrual flow ceased in May. Meanwhile, I was four-month pregnant for Pius, which is what I had always wanted, because I need a baby boy and the test shows my baby is a boy. The test at the hospital confirmed that Rose was two months pregnant and Mercy, a month pregnant.

I was shocked because, at 16, my daughters who are students are not supposed to be pregnant. All my efforts, including threats, to force them to reveal the identity of those responsible for their pregnancies ended in vain.

Back at home, I was outside the house trying to explain to Pius the shame the twins have caused when I heard his phone ringing inside the room. I went in to bring it for him, but the call ended just as I picked the phone, and a text message came in. I almost fainted when I read the text. It was from my daughter telling him that ‘mummy has discovered I’m pregnant and you know the baby is your own, what do we do?’

I saw another unread text from the other twin (Mercy): ‘I can’t keep this baby for you, what do we do.’

I asked Pius about the meaning of the text messages. He became restless and claimed to have received a phone call from his office. He left the house hastily.”

That was the last she saw of him till date.

I only needed an explanation from him so that we can decide how to solve the problem. It was guilt that sent him on the run. Now, this is the third week. His phone numbers are switched off.”

Janet went further:

“I am really confused, if God has not taken away my husband, I wouldn’t have found myself in this shame. How can somebody be so heartless as to sleep with me and my two daughters? This is an abomination. I’m sure he used charms on them. I don’t even know his place. I am very confused. I am tired of life. How can somebody useless me and my daughters? God will not spare him wherever he is. How do I explain to people that my twins and I are pregnant for the same man and that he is nowhere to be found? My mind is blank. I looked at life and asked, was it really worth it? I hope for death every day. I never wished to see the next day.”

When asked if she intends to keep the 3 pregnancies? Agbazu replied:

“Before the week runs out, we will arrive at a solution, but certainly my daughters can’t keep their pregnancy for the same man,” she said.

The family wouldn’t allow the twins to be interviewed. However, Agbazu’s uncle, Mr. Clement Nuanga who happens to be the link to the widow, said:

“It was a mistake. The sexual intercourse they had with him was as a result of ignorance and lack of sex education; if they know better, they won’t have done it. They could not actually explain what came over them, he affirmed.
He said further:

“They even told me when, how and where they had met him severally, separately and unknown to each other”.
Nuanga insisted that Salihu must have used charm on the girls saying: “They are also confused, it is not ordinary.”

Nuanga promised to consult some of his people for advice on how to handle the problem, though he hinted that the twins’ pregnancies could be aborted while their mother keeps her own.

“This is a serious matter that I cannot rush in taking a decision,” he said.


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