Having stretch marks during pregnancy is nothing to be ashamed of. As women, our bodies undergo a lot of changes during pregnancy and stretch marks are results of the rapid stretching of the skin, which is related to the rapid changes in weight. Statistics shows that 8 out of 10 women get stretch marks on their stomach, thighs and breasts during pregnancy. So why should we be ashamed of something that happens to the the best of us?

A soon-to-be mum and one of our followers on Instagram, Briara Lowery showed off her stretch marks while chilling at a beach in adorable photos of herself.

Sharing the pics, the soon-to-be mom wrote;

“Toes in the sand, mama getting fat. (Snack) Here’s proof that you can still be cute and have stretch marks. ☀️”

From the comments on the post, women are hailing her for showing what most women look like during pregnancy. One woman wrote;

“Thank you 🙏🏾 for this pic! I’m 5 months going on 6 and I been feeling really insecure about my stomach bc all you ever see are these gorgeous women with ZERO stretch marks and you just gracefully and beautifully popped up in my feed. I wish more women posted their bumps like this bc it can be very inspirational to others! Oh and congratulations😍 🎊🎉 @briaralowery”


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