An IG user who goes by the name Didi Moon Pro has shared the story of a little boy who has on several occasions been abused by his grandma.

Read his post below;

“Hello my beautiful people, I want to bring your attention to what I saw today, i’m an artist and a music producer, on my way to the studio today I entered a shop to buy bottle water and I met people talking about this small boy here, the story is that his mother abandoned him for his grand mom and the grand mom has been abusing this poor innocent young soul, the boy looks weak and traumatised, he didn’t eat anything since morning until around 2:45pm the time I saw him, I heard the grand mom just carried him and hit his head and chest on the concrete because he poo on his cloth, when they pulled his shirt I saw this scars all over his back even his stomach i’m so disorganized right now i don’t even know what to do. Please I don’t know how to save this boy from this abuse if anybody knows what can be done the person should please DM me I will take the person to the boys house to see things for him or herself.

See more photos below…


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