A video of a pregnant mom moving her body and singing to the lyrics of a song during labour has melts several hearts online, including ours:-) In the video, the heavily pregnant mom is seen with her husband as she whines and moves her body while singing to the lyrics of a song. 

The video has generated a lot of applause from the black moms community with many hailing the mom for her strength and  energetic moves.

Please note, active birth can shorten labour time, reduce the risk of interventions and leave women with more positive memories of the birth. Dancing is a great way of staying active during labour. It’s fun, the music can help to keep you focused and gravity will be doing its job whilst you’re busy grooving away.

Hip circles are a great movement to help open up your pelvis and encourage baby to travel down the birth canal. What better motivation is there for doing hip circles than sticking on a song, turning the volume up loud and dancing like nobody’s watching? Plus, dancing is always fun – even when you’re in the midst of labour.

Create the playlist to end all playlists, filled to the brim with whatever music it is that gets you twerking, booty dancing and belly popping. Channel Beyonce, unleash your inner birthing warrior and get ready to meet your baby.

If you feel self-conscious, don’t worry. You’re in labour, you can definitely force your birth partner to join you in the dancing. Hell, make him wear a tutu if it helps. Remember, it takes two to tango. And that rule applies both during conception and the birth itself. So make sure your birth partner bump and grinds along with you during the contractions.


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