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My name Adreean Shanklin and my husband is Carlos Shanklin. We met in November 2006 through a friend of mine. I drove up from my college to visit her for homecoming . Her boyfriend at the time, brought a group of friends with him to her home and it was pretty much a weekend of partying. He and I talked all night after partying and stayed up watching animal planet (weird right)? He told me his whole life story the first night😳 and when the weekend was over, I was sad to leave him for some reason.

He asked for my number and I told him “I don’t give out my number, but I will take yours.” He told me to call him when I made it home (which was a 2 hour drive). We talked the entire drive on the phone until I made it home. From there it was a whirlwind full of crazy thrills and lows. He was so different from all the other guys I had ever dated and it was scary at the same time. He was not all put together and didn’t make “my list”. You know that list we all have as women ? The one that can be long and full of unrealistic expectations. I was in school working on my Masters degree, meanwhile, he dropped out of college and wanted to be a rapper. This was crazy to me but I was along for the ride.

Fast forward to 2008, we had our daughter and life changed for me and I was super motivated to provide the best life for her. I couldn’t find a job where I was, so I told him I was relocating to another state because I had found a job. So I moved, single mother of a 1-year-old to TN where I didn’t know a soul. We split up but co-parented from 2 different states for 2 years until he decided to move to TN.

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Apparently he saw he didn’t want to be away from me, so he got himself together and proposed in 2012 and in 2013 , we married.

I just want to tell the ladies out there to never lower your standards to accommodate anyone. I checked my list out and only kept what really mattered and if a man wants you, he will rise to the occasion to meet your needs! If not, he is not the one. I encourage all women to love on yourself and your babies if you’re a single mom. Rely on God, pray about it and date around to see what you really like. What God has for you will be yours. Marriage isn’t easy, but it’s a constant choice, every day, to choose love! Thanks for allowing me to share our love story.


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