Imagine going on Facebook to a beautifully crafted proposal message from the love of your life. OMG!

My name is Christa and I met my husband Clarence at church, singing in the choir! I was a soprano and he was a tenor and we always had friendly conversations but nothing serious because he was in another relationship. We would always talk about music and events in the city! His other relationship ended and we were still just friends. We would go on small choir outings and would laugh and have a good time as a group.

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It wasn’t until my birthday that I knew something could possibly be more. He came to the restaurant where I was having my birthday dinner with a beautiful pink birthday cake and I was so shocked! It was the sweetest thing anybody outside of my family had done for me! We of course started talking more frequently and that turned into late nights on the phone doing the whole you hang up, no you hang up thing. He officially asked me to be his girlfriend on March 30, 2014- we had so much fun together!

You could always catch us laughing and acting goofy everywhere we went. We dated for 8 months before he proposed! He proposed in such a unique way! He wrote a post on Facebook and showed up at my door, he told me I had to look on Facebook! I thought something was wrong but he had crafted a beautiful message asking for my hand in marriage. I moved my phone and he was on one knee and asked again if I would marry him and of course the answer was yes! We were married on May 8, 2015, in the church we met in!

We have been married for 3 great years and in those years have been blessed with two beautiful daughters!

I thank God daily because He was so integral in bringing us together! You never know, your husband or wife could be right in front of you!

Congrats to Christa and Clarence! May God bless your home.