Social media is a good place to meet the love of your life, and this story proves it. From a post on Facebook, to series of private messages, to falling in love and than, straight to the alter.

My name is Neka, and my husband is Francis. We are recently wedded (got married legally on 22nd of Dec, 2017).

We met online on facebook. Looking back, this was really crazy as “facebook” was not somewhere I ever envisioned i could meet someone serious. At the time, we both lived in two different countries ( Canada and here,in the states ) It was my birthday ( October 14th 2016) and my sister in law( she was a mutual friend) put up my pic wishing me a happy birthday. While I got so many messages and new friend request that day, his stood out amongst others cos he was so fine! I accepted his friend request and we began to chat and o boy, he did have a great sense of humor. This totally drew me in as he was always cracking me up. As per my birthday, I didn’t have much planned except for a dinner party with my friends. We talked for a while and then I told him I had to get ready to leave the house and he asked where I was off to and why,and at that moment, I realized that he actually didn’t know it was my birthday! So, he basically saw my pic, didn’t bother to read what was posted along the pic and he straight ahead slid into DM (inbox) (still tease him about it till date).

Anyways, with each day, we grew closer as we were always on the phone and within a month, he began to drop hints of wanting us to be serious but I was skeptical because in my head, it’s definitely too fast.

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Fast forward to December, I visited and let’s just say I loved what I saw, plus whatever doubts I had were laid to rest and here we are.

I thank God everyday for making our parts cross and not allowing my doubts completely take over me and then ignored him.

We got married legally on Dec 22 2017 and then actual wedding on 13th Jan, 2018.