It started on the comment section of a Facebook post, than they moved to twitter, than she decided to take the first move and slide into his DM, and the rest they say, is history!

James and I met on social media in 2009. We were both 21 and in college. I was attending school in Georgia and he was in Alabama. We had a mutual friend on Facebook; a woman I knew from childhood that went to college with him. I had written a comment on her Facebook about a band I thought she would like. James (still a stranger to me at the time) replied to me, commenting his favorite song by that band. They were a pretty obscure band so I was intrigued that somebody else knew them. After that, we followed each other on Twitter.

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We tweeted back and forth and learned that we had a lot in common, so I sent him a DM and told him to text me sometime. Yes, I slid in his DMs! From there, we started texting back and forth, talking on the phone, and FaceTiming every day. We still hadn’t met in person, but we were falling in love. Finally, I invited him to come to Atlanta and spend my 22nd birthday with me. He came and the connection was instant. A few weeks later, I came to visit him in his hometown of Tuscaloosa, Alabama (where we now live). I had told a friend I was there, and when she asked what I was up to, I said “Visiting my boyfriend.” That was the day we became an official couple.

We were in a long-distance relationship for the next few years, driving back and forth to see each other as we finished college and he got through grad school. Finally, once he graduated, he moved to Atlanta to be close to me. After three years of dating, he proposed to me on the beach on Tybee Island in Georgia. We married a year later on August 23rd, 2014, four years after the initial message.

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Eventually, we moved to Tuscaloosa, Alabama so he could earn his PhD and work at the University of Alabama. Our identical twin sons, Alexander and Nathan, were born on March 7th, 2017.

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