Our love story starts on 11/25/08 (black Friday) in Baltimore, Maryland (hometown). My mother had passed the year prior and this was the first thanksgiving holiday without her. So, I was a little down in my heart and for me dancing is a source of healing. So, I called a couple of friends to see if they were up to a little night life. With no takers I decided to go alone.(really needing to free my spirits)
I got dress and took precatious on where I was going, do to I was by myself. I ended up at a bar/club in Fells point in Baltimore, MD. I enjoy myself, I dance the whole time I was there. Which really help me grieve my mother. (A Blessing)

As it was time for me to go before anyone knew i was alone (safety). I was walking to my car and this guy comes out of nowhere. Excuse me, but i couldn’t let you walk by without tell you that you have a “beautiful walk”!

😯😯😯 Ok, thanks!

So, i took the opportunity to see what this guy had to say..lol!! I couldn’t let this pick up line go to waste!!

We talk for about 10mins small talk, so I decided what could I lose..with no hesitation I told him “Since I have a nice walk, why don’t you walk me to my car, handsome”
And we have been together ever since he walk me to my car. I am proudly to say that we have been together almost 10 1/2 years. 5 years dating/living together and 51/2 years married.

We now reside in York, Pa. We have a 8 year boy, a 19 year college lady and 17 year old senior this upcoming school year.
My husband is active in our community with our program TheKennedysProject. Which is a program gear to our youth thru athletics and abroad. We do free basketball, football camps. We have clean&play during the summer to help clean parks in the community. Then we play different games like killball, soccer, etc.

Thanks for allowing me to tell my love story because i have gained a best friend who has been by my side thru this road of life. Peace and blessings!

(Side note we both had lost our mothers a year apart. 12/07 & 08/08)


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