We told you HERE that you can send in stories of how you met your spouses and it would be published on the blog and on our social pages! Well, here’s our very first “how we met” story by the beautiful Kheri Monks and it is so beautiful….

Back in 2003, Justin worked in a shoe store at the mall. I’d pass his store every time that I went to the mall (which was weekly). I thought he was so cute and told one of my girls I had a little crush on him. Of course I knew she was going to tell him, but I pretended like I didn’t say it. I was like, “No…I said those shoes in your store is cute!” The funny thing is he noticed me back when I noticed him. After trying on many pairs of shoes I went to the back of the store with him….but not to be nasty, people!!! He had more sizes back there and some free gum to give me. We exchanged numbers and I flirted with him as he made me blush with the way he looked at me (still does). He called me that night and he’s been feeling your girl ever since.

If only we were as wise back then as we are today. Due to some wrong decisions, I got in a relationship that went NOWHERE and Justin made the ultimate mistake of getting married for ALL of the wrong reasons. After the worse years of our lives, I became single and he was already separated. Oh…and notice I said “ALREADY separated.” Let me put it out there that I didn’t cause the breakup. Fast forward to August 2012 when our sister, Alexis, had a birthday party and decided to invite both of us to it. He didn’t realize I was coming in town for it and she told me he was going to be there that night of the party. Alexis knew what she was doing… I hadn’t spoken to Justin since 2006 and I wasn’t trying to start back talking to him either. Alexis would tell Justin that I wasn’t feeling him when he’d ask about me.
The only reason I left him alone back then was, because of the ugly and stinky baggage he was plagued with back with at that time. Long story short…he walked me to my car and we grabbed something to eat after the party….we’ve been talking ever since. We started to individually seek Christ and He revealed so much to us. We knew each other in 2003 and had a real kiss for the first time in 2012. I played hard to get for real and it was worth the wait. Justin and I grew closer this time around.

It’s true, in our case, that when you let something go and it comes back you better hold on to it. Nothing was keeping us a part this time. 2014…..my hubby got that paperwork finalized and engaged a few months later. He proposed to me during a Southern University homecoming tailgate. He didn’t even ask me to marry him. He got on one knee, pulled out the ring, and before he could open his mouth I was like, “Yes!”

Now, we are living our BEST life together and going on 3 happy years of marriage. Through our marriage we have been fruitful and produced a miracle baby, Gem. God has been so amazing to us even though we didn’t start off right. Our relationship shows that it’s not how you start, but it’s about how you finish.

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  1. This girl is straight up lying! This man was with his ex wife for 15 years and it was the happiest moment of his life. His ex wife divorced him because of the constant infidelity with Kheri! Kheri is a home wrecker and is using social media to try and prove a point to his ex wife! She told his ex wife that she would never leave him alone and will do anything g in her power to destroy his family. Justin married his ex wife in 2010. He had his second son in 2007. Justin and his ex wife were tougher since 2002. So how in the hell she was with this man. I can’t believe this site promote adultery. If this supposed to be a positive account why condone a woman breaking up another family’s home. Futhmore, kheri was sleeping with a married man in his ex wife’s home.

    The only reason why her baby Gym came out I’ll because God DO NOT send any woman a married man. Justin and his ex wife never separated: they divorced in 2014 when his ex wife pulled Justin’s phone records and noticed the cheating did not STOP! His ex wife begged Kheri to leave her husband alone.

    Not to mention Kheri is evil! She’s evil to both his sons. Justin has a 16 year old little boy that she refuses to allow him to be apart of Justin’s life. His oldest son isn’t allowed at “her house” simply because she’s evil! Justin’s ex wife won full custody because it was proven Kheri was being evil to his son. She was physically and emotionally abusing Justin’s middle son and resulted in Justin losing custody!

    Not to mention all Kheri and Justin does is smoke week everyday in front of their kids. She uses social media and the premature birth of her daughter to get attention and make people feel sorry for her. She’s the reason why that baby was born early! She. Suffered from multiple stds and transferred it to her child which resulted in her daughter being born prematurely.

    She got stds from her ex boyfriend that was cheating on her and physically abusing her. This girl is a HOME WRECKER! It appalls me that you allow this woman to publicize adultery and infidelity!

    If you’re going to publish something, publish the truth and not LIes! She destroyed another mans family! Please request the transcripts from East Baton Rouge Family Court under Justin Monks. You will soon learn the truth! The truth about Kheri and Justin.

    • Justin Monks Reply

      GM Mandy aka FAKE PAGE but I’m not going to say your name soon your truth will come out ! Anyway I’m Justin Monks & the things your saying isn’t true at all . First of all I’ve never been with anyone for 15yrs . It’s true I met Kheri in 2003 at this time in my life I didn’t have a girlfriend & was no where close to having a wife . At this time I only had friends. Yes my X-wife was a friend of mine at this time she did everything in her power to run off anyone that I was dealing with at the time . I was a young man and wasn’t serious about anybody. For about 5 or 6 years I never herd from Kheri again during this time back in 2010 I got married for all the wrong reasons the relationship of this marriage didn’t last a year , we were separated living in different states by May of 2011 . Because there was really no REAL LOVE in this marriage the separation led both of us to seeing other people. No I wasn’t faithful in my pass relationship & neither was my X . Aug. 2012 was my first time seeing Kheri again by this time I was starting to start over my whole life living in an apartment of my own in BR raising my son & doing my very best by him . I still had a lot of growing to do as a single father starting over in life . Kheri was a blessing to both my son & I . We both found what was missing in our lives with her . “The Bible says No Man should be alone” With the help of Kheri mothering Jayden he became attached to her , I was low key crazy about her anyway . In 2014 my divorce was final & I had already been separated from my Ex for over 2 years almost 3 years so I wasted no time on asking Kheri to marry me , in 2015 we got married in 2016 we had our miracle baby Gem , towards the end of 2017 we got word that I had another son , after taking all the legal actions we found out that I did have another son which now my wife Mrs. Kheri Monks , myself & my family have a great relationship with him & we or all getting to know each other . It’s no bitterness this way and I know I’m blessed to have this woman in my life she’s my soulmate , my for better or worse , my best friend , my ride or die , my wife that God created just for me . With that being said she’s still by my side we’re a happily married couple and in this marriage it’s only God , Kheri & myself no outsider can come between that .

      FYI The birth of our daughter is nothing but God her story is amazing with all odds against her at 1lb 12oz God showed out again . I love the message in my wife post it’s not how you start but how you finish . Look at us today look at Gem today we don’t look like what we been through !!

      • Cousin, you’re a dam lie! Your ass was in love with your ex wife and y’all were still sleeping together and going to counseling until y’all divorce! Matter of fact y’all were going to counseling at Pastors Claiborne church in Gonzales! Why lie to cover up adultery! You know our family do not like this woman or the lies you tell! You was messing with this homewrecker the entire time your ass was in a relationship, engaged and married! Keep it real, this mistress ruined your marriage!

        I’m confused because if she won. If she truly won over the married man, why even address her in a blog right?

        I put it like this, since my friend is sweet and a change women and I am still the Pettiest friend of all I will pick up her slack…. If you are truly happy with your spouse and the position you hold in his life then there is NEVER and I mean NEVER any reason no matter who asked you that you have to address his past wife or girlfriends cause first off you wasn’t present with any of them so anything you know is what you have been told and secondly most importantly since you are so happy with your life… I don’t need to address it cause it doesn’t matter… if you and your husband been together for years while even mention his past relationships.. why you holding on to that boo.. let it go.. you happy right? Cause let me tell you what real happy women do when they got a real good man… mind the business that pays them and keep it moving… anything else is a “Girl Bless her heart” situation….. now on that note.. Yes, I said what I said, if the shoe fit wear it and I am not going back and forth with you.. I’m living my best life!!😩😩😜

        P.S. and when someone ask you how you and your husband met.. girl focus on you and him.. no need to include anyone else story that you was told by someone else… you to grown to only believe what’s suits you instead of what the truth could actually be. But it’s ok cause at the end of the day, you the wife now and that’s all that matters right? Let it go Sis!! The Lord will not bless you with someone’s husband! Point blank! Grow up! Y’all have way to much tine on yalls hand to be blogging and want to call the police and press charges when somebody tell y’all sorry asses the truth! Can’t believe you have the nerve to screen shot my post and comments and try to press charges on somebody! Grow the fuck up! If you can’t handle shit, don’t start shit! That woman is not bothering you or that mistress! Blog about that sick baby bc y’all both get way more attention putting 6/6/6 on a pedestal than your ex wife. Miserable asses! Be happy in real life and not on social media!

        #homewrecker #theotherwoman #blackgirlpower #blackwomenrock

  2. I love this blog and I love Kheri and Justin and their love story! Thanks Brother in Law (Justin) for being so transparent and setting the record straight! You and Kheri have nothing to prove to anyone. Your entire family is absolutely beautiful. Continue to bless each and everyone of us with your #BlackLove. We should all be spreading more love and less hate! #TeamMonks♥️

    • Girl shut up! Your ass call yourself her Bestfriend and use to fuck him as well! You don’t remember “if I want that nigga I could still have him” my god how we forget! Get the fuck outta here and keep pretending you wasn’t fucking this nigga as well. All y’all hoes a dumb!

      Y’all some bold bitches too. Lmao 😂

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  4. JusBrittany Reply

    This blog is a lie! He told me that him and his wife at the time were separated too. They wasn’t and he had me thinking we were going be together and spend the rest of our life together with my baby girl. The entire time he was still married with his wife. He’s a loser and a liar. I never thought I would hate a person! He used me.
    He had me in the same environment as his wife at times. When I found out the truth and learned he was living a double life I confronted him! His wife’s (at the time) kept harassing me as if I was the problem. I never knew he wasn’t really separated. We dated for years before, during and after his first marriage. I’m so glad God opened my eyes and realized he was a loser. I made mistakes and asked for forgiveness. I don’t know the purpose of the blog and why lie. Tell the truth. If you’re happy, be happy! Why try to embarrass or hurt another woman. We should be living one another up instead of tearing one another down. This story is a bold face lie. Why publish a blog and you know your are lying! Why call his ex wife “ugly stinky bagged”. If you think that about her and then married the man that was married when y’all started dating, that says a lot about you. Be care what you blog about because there are always 2 sides to a story. In this case it’s five! My side, his ex wife side, your side and the truth. The truth is just like me,
    You were messing with a married man. Call it what it is! Accept you are wrong just like me! It’s no need to throw our mistakes in his ex wife face because we were just as wrong as him.

    Also, I met his little boy and was in his presence several times. One time I visited his little boy in the hospital. The tome he lied and said he was separated. Although I wanted to believe it was true, I knew deep down it was a lie. Stop throwing stones. If you’re going to talk about how good your marriage is, talk about you and only you. Why try to hurt his ex-wife who is innocent in the situation! Take accountability! We were all wrong at one point. Stop acting like this is a love story and it’s all based off lies and infidelity. Keep it real my girl! Keep it real!

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