How is life with a newborn and a barely one-year-old like? BMD reader, Troy Michel is about to find out! The mom of four is set to welcome her fifth child, barely 12 months after welcoming her fourth. 

Although the 32-year-old Radio and TV show host from Richmond, Va revealed in a chat with us that she’s terrified of what the future holds, she’s super excited and counting down the days before her little one gets here.

“I love pregnancy.. obviously! We always wanted a big family and never put a number on exactly how many children we wanted. So, here we are! I plan to deliver naturally and my 6-year-old daughter wants to be in the delivery room. Here’s to 3 more weeks of pregnancy,” she added. 

Asked if she was able to nurse her little one while pregnant with another, Troy said;

“My milk supply dried up shortly after finding out I was pregnant so unfortunately my youngest is on formula 😩”

On how she juggles work and family;

“I work part time in and out of the home. But I’m able to bring the kids with me sometimes lol”

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