Imagine you and your best friend being on the journey to becoming mothers at the same time….you get to share all the bitter sweet experiences with each other! Best of all, you didn’t plan it. God just made it happen!

It’s simply amazing!

BMD had a brief chat with one of the new moms and here is what she said;

May we meet you guys?

Angie Nwoye-Oba and Chinyere Ejechi

What do you do?

We are both Entrepreneurs. Angie deals on handbags, while Chinyere runs a tailoring outfit for women known as the_CFI_ brand, and also sells Ajumbaise, a traditional herbal flat tummy tea.

Where are you based?

We are based in Abuja, Nigeria.

Marital status?

We are married

How long have you been friends?

Almost 2years

Getting pregnant together, was it a plan?

Not at all….that’s why we were both excited when we realized we were going to bump together.

How does it feels to be pregnant at the same time?

Pregnancy is an exciting journey … Being on that journey with a close friend makes it more beautiful. We practically did everything together.

How many months apart are you?

Just one month apart. The babies were born on the 12th of May and 13th of June 2018.

How would you describe motherhood?

Motherhood is beautiful. The birthing process helps you appreciate life more. Knowing that a full human being totally depends on you for everything makes you more responsible too.

See more photos below….

Congratulations to them! What’s the name of the friend that you will like to bump with?


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